Friends Forever

Sunday 7/19/09
I went to visit my old church, Benedict Babtist,
DeAnna&&Tisha MY best friends forever,
We were all happy and stuff when i got there cause we knew that it would not be till later till i was leaving so we made the best out of it untill it was time for me to go. We took lots of pictures.

DeAnna & I have grown up together and we can be toatally inseperable DeAnna has always been there for me and I have always been there for her i Love her so much and it's so hard not being together anymore.

DeAnna, Tisha, Jeramy& I have a rather funny side when were all together

we were all laughing and having a good time(: then it was time to take group pictures <3

this is everyone!!!!!
this is my big sister Kathy("
Then it was time to go me and DeAnna were sitting and talking and crying and we knew we had to go while we were sitting and talking i told her "that this was not good-bye, we would still see and talk to each other" we knew it was going to be differant not living there but this was not good-bye and she was not going to loose me that i would always be there for her. i love DeAnna and this is not good-bye its only the beggining.


Tina said...

It sounds like a bittersweet and very special time. You are going through so much change and I know it must be hard, especially leaving close friendships. You are doing great and we are so glad to have you as our friend. Of course, I will keep praying for you.

Lindsey said...

It's so sweet seeing your friends! What blessings they are in your life!!

Ken said...
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deanna marie said...

so much for best friends forever

deanna marie said...

guess who might be at your thing on the 16th you guessed it your bff me i miss you so darn much i cant belive i have not seen you since july its killing me we have never apart for this long:/ im super excited i asked and my cw said he would see but he said he is pretty sure i could cant wait to see you bestie i love you so much no matter what you do are what you say you will always be my best friend well unless you take my cheetos hehe JK!!!!!!