God's Many Blessings

Do you ever take the time to sit around and thank God for everything he has done? We all need God whether you want to admit it or not God has been there in ways you would never expect he is there in the smallest things and your always on his mind and, we need to take the time to thank him for all the wonderful things he has done.
When I was first put into foster Care i was not going to church and I was not as close to God as i should of been and there were times when i I had it in my head that there was no God that if there was i wouldn't be going through everything I'm going through but, I realized that many trials are blessings in disguise, for example I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for all the hard times I've been through just look were I am now I'm extremely happy were I am most of you know that i am in the process of adoption and it is going fast and smooth and I love, love, love it and i would not change it for anything. God has blessed me in SO many ways! I'm just a small part of God's much BIGGER plan, I look forward to seeing what all God has in store for me and for the rest of you. God just amazes me more ad more each day and I love that one day I'm going to be with him and live forever with no more tear to ever be shed!!

Many people take there kids for granted just take time and hug your kids many people would love to have kids but just can't just know that God gave you your kids for a reason love them with all you got and let nothing come between y'all,

Children are God's best gift.
Psalm 127:3

With All My Blessings,


Tina said...

You are such a dear, sweet child of God. I loved this post...thanks for pouring out your heart!

{ jamie } said...

We love you! We're glad you're here, too, & so thankful for you! :-)

jonnia said...

You are so right! And you've made me think through my own life - some of the ways God has used the difficult times to teach me, to change me or to move me where He wanted me to be.
It's a very good thing that you're learning to trust Him at a young age. Not much can shake you as long as you let Him hold you!

Emilie said...

WOW, God in you constantly amazes me. One of the finest treasures in this life is getting to "HAVE" you!!!!! Thanks for for being sweet about your new parents going to Africa. We all love you sooooo much

mrs.marcum said...

what a sweet post!
It is so wonderful to know that you know how dearly loved you are by the Lord and this new family He has given to you!!
Keep on in the faith!