Wedding! :)

HI, there! well its been a little while but not that long! I promise I'm gonna start blogging more soon! As you all know I went to a wedding in Jacksonville and that you would get to see some more pictures? well here you go! (You probably already seen some of the pictures on my momma's blog but oh well there so gorgeous i could look at them over and over and over!).

This is Kathryn AKA The B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-l Flower Girl!!
There was this cute little cottage where all the girls got dressed, it was so cute! (Thats Monic's dress!)
The Church was GORGEOUS!!
The ceremony was short but very sweet Mathew teared up! it was just amazing!(one of the guests took this picture isn't it cute?)If you wanna see the pictures after the ceremony AND the day-after pictures at the beach AND IN THE WATER! Go to or


jonnia said...

That was a sweet wedding and I started crying when I heard Matthew's voice break! The reception was fun, too. You can dance, girl!

lindsey said...

Awh, I don't even know him that wel and I teared up! I had a blast! :-)