Mission Trip: Dominican Republic

God has presented me with the opportunity to go on a mission trip in a few short weeks. April 2nd I will be boarding a bus to Miami, FL, from there we will be getting on a plane and be on our way to the Dominican Republic.
We will be building 2 or 3 churches and hosting a VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the young children. This is going to take a lot of strength and courage. It will be everyone getting along and coming along side each other to let this happen. To put our differences aside and to trust God with what He is going to show us.
As you can imagine this is something that needs a lot of financial support and prayer support. Without prayer little to noting could happen. God's hands are all in this and I can feel Him moving. During the week we will be helping people materially and spiritually. On April 9th we will be on our way back from hopefully making an impact on the people's life's.

(Please look for a blog post on my trip when I return)

Thank you,
Lindsey Worley


Mari said...

What an exciting opportunity! It will change you. I'm happy for you!

Erin McCoy said...

how wonderful! :) We'll be praying!