Skinks & Patience

Okay, so your probably thinking how in the heck do Skinks and patience go together? well your gonna find out.

I was playing with the camera outside to have a little fun. I was walking on the sidewalk to go to the roses and I saw this:
At first, I thought it was a snake but I saw the blue so I sat down waiting patiently we ALL know that I lack in that category, but I was determined to get a picture of that WHOLE skink because I was fascinated by its tail!

As I was sitting there it came out a little more:

Then MORE:

Then some more (At this point I was so excited I almost peed my pants!):

Then It was ALMOST all the way out:
And finally it came out I almost screamed and then I remembered that I would scare it so I didn't.

Here it is (I think it's magnificent):

I learnt being patient pays off sometimes (:


jonnia said...

We always called these blue-tailed racers because they can run so fast. I love the photos!!! Especially the fact that you show the series, including the big pay-off at the end. ;o) I like lizards, and this one is a beauty!

Faith Girl said...

Those pictures are really cool! Glad you shared them with us! That skink is really glossy, too!!


Mari said...

That is so cool! Glad you were patient so we could see too!