We're visiting Africa!

Not really, it's just pretend. :)
Here are some cool facts about Africa:

The biggest Country in Africa is Sudan!

The highest point is Mt. Kilimanjaro

The smallest country is Gambia

Madagascar has the most unusual animals, 98% of the mammals on the island are found nowhere else in the world!

Lake Victoria is the Largest lake!

The longest river is the Nile river!

The largest dessert is the Sahara!

The most southernly point is Cape Agulhas!

The biggest city is Cairo!

The most populated Country is Nigeria it has 127 Million people!

I hope you learned some of the cool things I did!!


jonnia said...

I DID learn some new things about Africa! I also had fun trying to pronounce some of the names on the maps!

Tina said...

Neat, Lindsey? Thanks for sharing. I did learn some cool things about Africa. It is very neat to hear you be excited about learning about Africa too!

Mari said...

Wouldn't it be fun to visit there?