Flowers Everywhere!

My mom is a fanatic when it comes to flowers, (I think she has an obsession). If weeds are in the garden which, we have like 836459834965 billion STILL! It's driving her insane. we have quite a collection of flowers, and I love everyone of them.

My absolute favorites are the Columbines:

Then there are the Irises:

We are not really sure what these are called, so we just call them ground cover:

The roses are SO beautiful:

Camellia's and oodles of Azalea's:

There are these pretty white flowers were not sure about too!

there are so many more flowers, and God created them to be beautiful just the way they are! :)

I hope you enjoyed our garden!


jonnia said...

Gorgeous photos! Columbines are my all-time favorites, too!

Mari said...

I love flowers and yours are gorgeous!

Tina said...

I love your garden pictures. I loved seeing it in person when we were over the other day too! love ya!